Andrew Kooger


I spent the 7 years working in finance as an advisor before shifting to asset management. As a young athlete who trained for BJJ, weight lifting and competitive downhill mountain biking I suffered a tragic life altering accident that left me paralyzed in 2020 well training for an upcoming race. My mindset and determination to defy the odds has carried me forward throughout this journey as I have conquered obstacles on this new life chapter and learned the power of grit, courage and determination. I have pushed my body beyond limits and my mind further than ever thought possible. 

I am now a sponsored adaptive athlete with High Fives Foundation competing in adaptive mountain biking and pursuing other athletic opportunities  whether it be returning to mats in the BJJ gym, lifting weights or exploring Paralympic sports.

In 2019 I co-founded Maximus Athletics, a supplement and fitness company as we expand into  North America.  In my down time I enjoy writing poetry and you can find some of my pieces on my site. 

In 2022 I have earned my certificate to become a mentor through SCIO to be a peer mentor for other young athletes who go through a life changing spinal cord injury as I have. I am also registered to sit for my CFA completion in 2023.

Let me show you what you are capable of and lets defy the odds together.

Our Tragedies do not define who we are or what our future will look like

Andrew Kooger