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About Andrew Kooger

Andrew Kooger is a young finance professional, Adaptive Athlete, and Entrepreneur who sustained a life-altering tragedy in 2020 while training for a mountain biking race. Against the odds he survived and is still fighting today to create a fulfilling future and leave his legacy. Andrew was left paralyzed and to this day fights to defy the odds.

An athlete before and after the accident, Andrew to this day promotes active living and pushing the body to its limits to achieve greatness. This is witnessed through his every day life as an adaptive athlete sponsored by the High Fives Foundation and his partnership in co-owning Maximus Athletics, an athletic and sport nutrition company focused on supplements.

Andrew's Featured Keynote


  • Crafting Your Life: Building with Intention and Design
  • Rising Above Adversity: Triumphing Through Hardship
  • The Purpose Blueprint: Creating Purposeful Fulfillment
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