What I Offer

Keynote Speaking

Whether you are booking for your company or a private event, lets connect how I can share my story and lessons to create a bespoke experience meeting your needs.

Virtual Talks

In the digital and post covid world virtual access is key. I am available for virtual events.

Team Workshops

Need a more in-depth workshop for your team? let's discuss our bespoke offers depending on your team, needs and desired outcome.

Accessibility Consulting

If your corporation or place of business needs consulting on accessibility my team is up to standards on all current North American disability acts and has the right tools to swiftly shift your business well providing access to a multi billion dollar market

Peer Mentorship

If you have a spinal cord injury or have gone through adversity and need guidance or mentorship please reach out for peer mentorship.

Mindset Coaching

Lets work through my workbook for yourself and define your purpose and build towards a life by design. The most important tool to achieve and overcome is mindset.

Picture of author and speaker Andrew Kooger in wheelchair

Featured Talks and Benefits

Lessons and actionable tools

Allow me to share my journey from near death to overcoming some of the largest mountains in life to build a life of purpose and by design. I hope to not only inspire you and your team but share the valuable tools I developed to achieve what I have. My team can accommodate both virtual and public events. 

Keynote Topics:

One on One Mindset Sessions

Peer Mentorship

Going through a spinal cord inury or other life event that feels isolating, connect so we can put the right resources in your hands.

Planning and creating a life by design

We are given the tools to live a life by design, these tools can be hard to understand and overwhelming how to take advantage of without someone guiding you.

Defining Your Purpose

Lets talk about you and your purpose, lets define who you want to be and work through the workbook provided to define your purpose and what steps you need to take to achieve it.