Conclusion of 2021…The first full year of being paralyzed

As we conclude the year we reflect on failures, triumphs, hardships and positive moments. More importantly however, we focus on the future ahead. I am grateful for each one of you who have supported me on my journey to defy the odds and walk again. Those who picked me up when I fell down, I thank you. Those of you who never lost faith in my fight, I appreciate you. Those of you who have fought by my side every step of the way, I love you.

I experienced failure, darkness, pain, loneliness, frustration and anger this year on many separate occasions. These moments do not overshadow the triumphs and victories on this journey. Both in my recovery and aspects outside of my recovery. This year I have defied the odds and pushed further than I was told would be possible on my recovery journey. Next year we will do so again and again.

In the upcoming months I am due for more stem cells, physio in the US, launching a Podcast with my best friend and business partner and launching said business in Canada for 2022. You will also see me returning to the trails as a High Fives athlete and racing in July. Finally returning to the bank and this is only within the first few months of 2022. More importantly I do plan to push the limits on my recovery and continue as we have yet to see an end to the results.

I hope you all can reflect on the year with gratitude and appreciation for yourself regardless of how hard it may have been, you are still here and in this fight we call life. May the new year be filled with good health, success and peace. May the flame inside your heart that drives you forward grow and may you defy whatever odds are in the road ahead on your journey.

Please follow the link to the YouTube video for year end or find it on the home page of the website. Thank you.

“I was once a fortunate man but at some point fortune abandoned me. But true good fortune is what you make for yourself. Good fortune: good character, good intentions, and good actions”

-Marcus Aurelius

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