The Story of Andrew Kooger

Picture of man on subway in Toronto. Andrew in TTC

On August 13th 2020 Andrew set out with a good friend and business partner to train for an upcoming mountain bike race. Unfortunately he did not make it home as he crashed on a trail he has ridden many times previously. After 2 hours the paramedics finally arrived and rushed him to Sunnybrook Hospital where he faced the choice of operation on his spine which had a high risk of death due to brain bleeds or be paralyzed for life. There was no guarantee on recovery but this was the only chance at recovery was to decompress the spinal cord right away. The surgeons did not expect Andrew to live through the operation and yet he beat those odds. 12 broken ribs, Crushed esophagus, bruised lungs, multiple brain bleeds, multiple spinal fractures from c7 to t11 and a spinal cord injury at t7 later he is still beating those odds. Told he would never recover and originally paralyzed at the chest down, with hard work and support to obtain treatments not available in Canada, Andrew has recovered down to the pelvic region and is still showing signs of recovery. 

Andrew has been to Panama for Stem Cell treatments, doing at home physio and working with a clinic called Walk It Off among other world class physiotherapist specializing in Spinal Cord Injuries. All aware of Andrews goal to not only walk but to ride again. 

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Lets get Andrew back on his feet.

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